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#TBT Style: Neon Yellow

SEE LARK! |#TBT Style: Neon Yellow

discovered this in my unpublished archives.  It was taken almost exactly a year ago when I had just changed roles within my company and excited to not travel 90% of the time for work.  It’s nice to see that the outfit – a bolt of neon yellow in a traditional v-neck sweater and leather accents in a wool coat – is still relevant this season.  It goes to show you that modern twists to classic pieces really pay off!
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I’m A Sucker For Commercials

SEE LARK! | I'm A Sucker For Commercials

Like the title of this post indicates, I am a complete sucker for commercials. In a time where we have DVR, one can easily fast forward through those pesky ads.  However, there are two that somehow caught my eye that is now on constant repeat in my head. Read more

Vested Interest

SEE LARK! | Vested Interest

A puffy vest is one of my favorite outerwear pieces. I had owned and worn the same ol’ black vest for years and finally upgraded to a new version in gorgeous green.  Fortunately, it’s also one of the rare pieces that I can wear right now that is non-maternity! Read more

High Low: Dresses With All The Trimmings


SEE LARK! | Dresses With All The Trimmings

Tibi / Mia ]

I can’t believe the holiday season is upon us again.  This time of year is always full of fashion fun with all the parties, events, and family gatherings planned over the next few months. I am particularly drawn to a basic LBD (or LGD – little gray dress) with festive trimmings.  Here are a few high-low options for your consideration, let cocktail party season begin! Read more

Eat. Shop. Do.

SEE LARK! | Eat. Shop. Do.

I am about two weeks away from my “official” due date and the days seem to go by much slower than the first and second trimesters.  While I am trying to take some time off in advance to rest up, I am finding it hard to do so.  Work has picked up in pace, mainly due to transitioning responsibilities prior to my leave (hence the lack of my Internet presence of late) as I try to tie up loose ends. As a result, I plan to kick up my feet and relax (as comfortably as I can) in what will be a chilly weekend.  Hope you are doing something similar and staying warm.  Happy weekend! Read more

Wanted: Simple Statement Style

SEE LARK! | Wanted: Simple Statement Style

Perhaps it’s the change in weather or my recent obsession with all things black, gray, and white; either way these factors have drawn me towards a more simple style.  Simple doesn’t mean boring, we have established this already, but what I am loving about these inspiration photos is how effortless it looks while making a statement.  Like a well baked cake, here are the key ingredients to making a huge impact with seemingly simple pieces. Read more

Touches of Gold

SEE LARK! | Touches of Gold

Sometimes the outfit is all about the accessories. This is definitely the case with my work wear.  A simple navy dress (see a non-maternity version of this outfit here) creates a perfect backdrop for layering gold necklaces and these gorgeous Valentino Rock Studs that I scored on Poshmark. It’s a great way to add bling in a sophisticated and office-appropriate way. Read more

Eat. Shop. Do.

SEE LARK! | Eat. Shop. Do.

I found this quote at a local furniture store quite fitting.  Often times we spend too much time banging our heads against that symbolic wall when we should be looking at a problem in a different light. If you are experiencing a moment of frustration, let this be your ray of light. Oh, Coco you were a wise and fashionable one weren’t you? Read more

Cozy Cardigan

SEE LARK! | Cozy Cardigan

I love the first chill of the season.  It’s not too cold to bear but cold enough to bring out chunky knit sweaters, cardigans, and coats. I am loving this cardigan from Zara and its high collar.  It completely bypasses the need for a scarf.  It’s a perfect piece for transitioning weather and a quick trip for a breakfast bagel (I have my priorities). Read more

Black + Blue

SEE LARK! | Black + Blue

I overheard a conversation while on the elevator the other day involving one woman, who was wearing a black top with a navy sweater, telling another woman that if her daughter saw her wearing black and blue together that she would be appalled.  Well no offense, but it sounds like her daughter doesn’t know what she is talking about! Rules like not mixing black and blue and or not wearing white after Labor Day are so passe.   Read more


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