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High Low Nursery Art

SEE LARK! | High Low Nursery Art

I have been putting a lot of thought into the future nursery. I have never been an overly cutesy person, so I knew I wanted something sweet but not too “themey”.  I love the animal artwork by Sharon Montrose and have been looking over all adorable options on her Animal Print Shop.  I have also been toying with the idea of large scale art. It would be large impact and a lot less effort than finding a collection of artwork to piece together.  Unfortunately, the combination of large scale and limited edition artwork don’t go well for my pocketbook. A 40 x 30 version of this adorable duckling print will cost you $1950, that is without framing. Therefore, I found a high quality poster print of a baby duckling on  for the same dimension at $65.  They also offer framing and with that thrown in (plus the website offers crazy discounts), the total tally was $250!

PS – If you are looking for some adorable animal prints and not looking to go large scale, Sharon Montrose prints are totally affordable, starting at $25.  My other favorites include the wolf pup, climbing cubs, and basset hound puppy.


SEE LARK! | Spicoli

I am pretty pumped to finally find a pair of comfy jeans to take me through my third trimester. At first, I thought it was pretty fun to wear a bunch of dresses but found it limiting when you just want to go casual. Given that Summer just past, the other challenge I faced was mentally imagining myself in hot skinny jeans – no thank you. Read more

Eat. Shop. Do.

SEE LARK! | Eat. Shop. Do.

We are officially in the Fall season and it amazes me how quickly this year has past by. Just the other day, I was trying to coordinate a dinner date with friends and we locked down November 1st…seriously…6 weeks out.  What is it that we are all doing with our time that we have book out in advance like a much talked about restaurant?  On that note, when did we reach the end of September?! Read more

Are Vans The New Mom Shoe?

SEE LARK! | Are Vans The New Mom Shoe?

When you think of Vans, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? I think of skateboards, teens, and well…youth. While this is all true, could there be another side of Vans?  Could it be the shoe for soon-to-be moms in dire need of style and comfort?! I thought I would be able to still rock heels all day long while pregnant but the third trimester is proving to be a little tougher than I thought.   Read more

High Low Minimalist Cool Accessories

SEE LARK! | High Low Minimalist Cool Accessories

When it comes to accessories, ones with a more modern and architectural design stand out.  Here’s the tale of two minimalist cool pieces and their high low options that will take you well into the Fall and beyond… Read more


SEE LARK! | Spotted

No matter how much I love an all-black look, it’s nice to change up the work outfit with a little pattern.  My love for leopard is well known and I was excited to discover this dress which seemed like a cross between leopard and a cheetah print.  Now would that be considered a leetah or a cheopard? Read more

The T Room At Forty Five Ten

SEE LARK! | Forty Five Ten

It was a quick but fulfilling trip back to my home state of Texas this past weekend.  I had the pleasure of catching up with some good friends at an intimate baby shower brunch in Dallas.  The venue was The T Room at Forty Five Ten.  Forty Five Ten is where I purchased my first investment piece of clothing and was excited to see how this designer boutique has transformed since its beginnings.  Other than offering high end pieces (think Lanvin and Dior) jewelry, and menswear, this place also has a little brunch/lunch place for people to mingle – a perfect venue for a shower.  Here are a few highlights of all the eye candy (food and fashion) that kept us there for 3+ hours. Read more

Eat. Shop. Do.

SEE LARK! | Eat. Shop. Do.

I am headed to Texas for a baby shower that my dear sister and friends are hosting.  I am super excited since this is my last chance to see people before I am on flight “lock-down”.   Other minor accomplishments this week included scoring some key pieces from the Altuzarra for Target collaboration, I am surprised that these over-the-knee boots are still available online.  If this is your bag, I recommend going up half a size up. Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!

Eye On Etsy

SEE LARK! | Eye On Etsy

Etsy is not just for small crafty things, it’s also a great place for larger scale items, like beautiful modern lighting fixtures.  These picks are so delicious, I am wishing I had higher ceilings to hang a few of these beauties. Read more


SEE LARK! | Remix

The name of the styling game when pregnant is remix. Your wardrobe has an expiration date so you don’t want to buy too much or too ornate of pieces otherwise you don’t get a lot of use out of them. I scored this Bedford dress by Hatch during the summer and have already worn it multiple times.  I have styled it for a casual look with gladiator sandals and paired it with heels for a formal affair.   Read more


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