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Refined Plaid

SEE LARK! | Refined Plaid

With the introduction of Fall comes a variety of plaid patterns for the choosing. I tend to go for the reliable black and white combination in a larger print.  It’s graphic and feels more sophisticated than your “everyday” plaid.  Adding a burgundy heel and a leather jacket (which has been in heavy rotation lately),  are a great toppers that help me channel my pre-pregnancy self. Read more

Eye On Etsy

SEE LARK! | Eye On Etsy

It seemed fitting that my 13th installment of Eye On Etsy would fall on the week of Halloween.  For my lucky 13th set of picks, I am feeling an all-noir theme.  From cute baby moccasins and vintage armchair to a caftan maxi and edgy leggings, the color black is sleek and always in style. Read more

Accentuate The Positive

SEE LARK! | Accentuate The Positive

As I near my ninth month of pregnancy (who are we kidding, it’s really 10 months), I have learned to embrace the baby bump.  It was cute and manageable in the second trimester, but lately I have been feeling large and in charge. My first inclination is to hide in large swaths of fabric.  Then realize I should cherish this time and accentuate my “asset”.  Thank goodness for a basic black tank dress, it’s form-fitting in a slimming color and adding a jacket helps balance out the mid-section. Read more

Dress Your Living Room Like You Dress Yourself

SEE LARK! | Dress Your Living Room Like You Dress Yourself

[1. Couch / 2. Accent Pillows (similar here) / 3. Floor Lamp, Mirror, and TV Media Console / 4. Paris Black & White Wall Art / 5. Accent Table]

When decorating your living space, one should approach it like picking out an outfit.   Many times I would see all dark finished wood or only one style of furniture in someone’s living room (equate that to matchy match shoes, purse and belt – boring) and it had me thinking…you would never limit yourself to one look or genre so why do that to your home? Using pieces from Modani Modern Furniture and yours truly as a test case, here is a quick guide to styling a living room that is perfectly you. Read more

Eat. Shop. Do.

SEE LARK! | Eat. Shop. Do.

It’s been all rain, clouds, and gusty winds here in the Mid-Atlantic this week so I am crossing my fingers for a little sunshine and warmth this weekend.  While I am excited for cooler temps, I am not quite ready for full-on cold.  Just give me a few more weekends where I can still wear a pair of shorts! Read more

Labor of Love

SEE LARK! | Labor Of Love

Hubby and I are taking childbirth classes and one of the questions posed to the group is “What helps us relax?”.  Besides things like massages and deep breathing, music of course ranks high on the list for most. What was interesting to learn is the music shouldn’t any specific genre like classical or jazz, but something that you personally enjoy and the tempo can vary based on the progression of labor. This of course gives me a great reason to create a new playlist, a “labor of love” if you will.  Here are some of my top picks for “D-Day” that can also work for general relaxation. Read more

Laced Up

SEE LARK! | Laced Up

I have really been drawn to lace lately and was dying to find a lace dress to wear for work and play. Versatility is key given that my current wardrobe is on a time limit. This Isabella Oliver dress is perfect with a blazer or leather jacket. I wore it solo for my baby shower and will top it with a sweater when it gets colder. Read more

The Handbag Bucket List

SEE LARK! The Handbag Bucket List

Why do women love handbags so much? It’s simple, your body size may fluctuate but your handbags always fit!  With a quick switch, a handbag can instantly bring your outfit up a notch.  Over the years, I have debated whether expensive handbags were indeed good investments or a waste of money.  Like a typical consultant, I have concluded that the answer is “it depends”.  I own a couple of designer handbags and with each one, there was careful research and consideration before taking the plunge.  I discovered that after all that hard work and saving, it was a great feeling to finally own it.

Read more

Eat. Shop. Do.

SEE LARK! | Eat. Shop. Do.

Here’s a tale from the Twilight Zone…I have been thinking a lot about Isabel Marant and her gorgeous booties this week, deciding whether to splurge or not. Then all of a sudden, I get this Outnet email notifying me that their Isabel Marant inventory is selling up to 60% off and Gilt features Isabel Marant for the first time on their site yesterday.  Is it fate telling me something or was it just that my Internet cookies were turned on?  You be the judge.  Have a great weekend! Read more

High Low Simple Chic Outfit

SEE LARK! | Simple Chic Outfit

There is something appealing about a loose-fitting caftan dress. With the right draping, it’s easy, flattering, and quite honestly forgiving. I love the look of white in the Fall and Winter and this Zero + Maria Cornejo dress is one of my favorites with a pointed hemline and crepe fabric. Riller & Fount’s Sebastian dress is a very close look-a-like made of micro modal and spandex (along with a lighter price tag).   Read more


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