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Is This Normcore?

SEE LARK! | Normcore

I learned the term “Normcore” last year when it blew up the fashion world. It describes an “anti-style” style, think bland, non-descript clothing.  Some may argue that it’s not a trend all. Regardless, I have embraced more basics into my wardrobe making it easy to get dressed in the morning. Normcore or not, it’s definitely practical and stylish.

SEE LARK! | Normcore

SEE LARK! | Normcore

SEE LARK! | Normcore

The Goods: Zara Dress / Current/Elliott Jacket via Poshmark / J. Crew Sandals / Karen Walker Sunglasses

Let’s Talk Croissants


I have developed a guilty pleasure. Correction. I am addicted to eating delicious, buttery, flaky, chocolate croissants. There are two great places near my house which makes it so easy to walk by (the exercise) to get one (the reward) with your morning coffee that gives its country of origin a run for their money. Read more

Baby Brands I Love

SEE LARK! | Baby Brands I Love Lately, I have been channeling my shopping skillz towards things for Baby A.  It’s been fun searching for things that are a little less traditional. Over the past few months, I have developed quite a loyalty to a few brands that emulate my love for all things modern, edgy, and/or quirky. If you are expecting or searching for that perfect gift for someone who has little ones, here’s a few items to consider. Read more

High Low Tunic

SEE LARK! | High Low Tunic

Summer is just around the corner and that means swimsuit season.  A swimsuit wouldn’t be complete without a cute cover-up.  A tunic is a great option and I have always lusted over the style and color choices that Lemlem has to offer.  However, I don’t love the price, especially something that is going to face water and sand.  That’s why I am all for the Old Navy tunic.  It has the same shape and feel for only $18.  Surf’s up!

Hey Momma, You’re Not Alone!

I haven’t been able to devote as much time to the blog lately. Life has been (and continues to be) hectic with a baby and now returning to work. I previously had more free time to share all the fun and cool things I encountered – a new outfit, decorating a room, or travel to a cool place. When I became pregnant, I thought it was a great space to share and promote baby bump styles. I have always purposefully kept things light hearted and geared towards the sunny side of life…because who wants to hear me complain? Then A arrived and you know what? Read more

Easy DIY: Monogrammed Tote Bag


SEE LARK! | Easy DIY: Monogrammed Tote Bag

My little guy started daycare earlier this month.  Along with the trauma of a first-time mother leaving her child in the care of others, there was also the need to pack necessities (e.g., diapers, bottles, spare clothes) on a daily  basis.  I wanted a tote bag that would read “boy” and be easy to distinguish from all the other baby bags, but I also wanted something true to my aesthetic.  Tired of seeing so many personalized Nantucket / Martha’s Vineyard style tote bags in Times New Roman font, I decided to create my own personalized “edgy” tote bag.  Given that I rarely have free time for projects, this one was a real quick DIY…like five minutes quick. Read more

Utility Player

SEE LARK! | Utility Player

An anorak or utility-style jacket is a great piece for Spring since it provides just enough warmth on a windy day. I scored this beauty on Poshmark a couple of months ago but haven’t had the chance to wear it until this weekend. I made a minor modification with the built-in belt.  It actually belongs on the bottom with a few threads sewn in to keep it in tact.  Since I couldn’t imagine myself wearing a belt (or let it hang unbelted) that low, I snipped it free and brought up to the waist.  It’s perfect with jeans and slacks, but I also think it would look great with a midi or maxi- length dress. Read more

Eat. Shop. Do.

SEE LARK! | Eat. Shop. Do.

OH thank goodness it’s Friday! We have some friends in town and a group of us are going out to dinner tonight.  Is it sad that we have been texting about it and looking forward to going out sans kiddos?  To top it off, it’s going to be sunny and warm, perfect for a picnic. Hope you have a great weekend! Read more

The Benefits of Shopper’s Block

SEE LARK! | The Benefits of Shopper's Block I made an interesting observation last week.  While perusing Shop Bop during their Friends and Family event, I couldn’t find one thing that I wanted to buy.  Not. One. Thing. (Don’t you love how writing one word with a period is a thing now?)  The sales are compelling but I can’t seem to justify the spend.  Thoughts like “I already own a black jersey dress” or “I have red pumps, do I really need a second pair?” kept popping into my head.  Then I made another realization, I hadn’t bought any new clothes for myself in over a month.  Could I have possibly already owned “everything”? I was a little sad since I consider online shopping a sport. However, other than saving money, there are major benefits to a bout of Shopper’s Block.  Here’s five of them. Read more

Old Is New

SEE LARK! | Old Is New

It’s been awhile since my last outfit post.  The frigid weather and my preference for sweatpants during winter time was not a pretty sight.  Dare I say that Spring has finally arrived in DC and so has the return of most of my pre-baby wardrobe.  I was excited to be able to put on my favorite black denim and v-neck tee.  It will be interesting to see what becomes part of the rotation now that I strive for simple and quick looks (hence chopping of my locks!). Read more


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