Pepping Up My Most Worn Pieces

I often get lost in Instagram wormholes ogling fashionistas’ pretty dresses and statement pieces. However, the practical side of me wonders where on Earth are these people going or doing that justify elaborate outfits? Or, are they REALLY wearing that strappy high heel on a cobbled street?! In the era of social media, it’s easy to feel “less” when you see such pretty images.  I certainly do especially since I am on maternity leave and don’t have any upcoming occasions that requires a fancy garb.

For the past three months, I have been living in three main pieces, my Zella high waisted leggings, Vince slip on sneakers, and Karen Walker sunnies. They are practical and comfortable, but they don’t make me feel stylish. That’s why I bought this powder blue coat on major sale from J. Crew to get me out of my rut. It’s amazing what a tailored coat in a bright color will do for your look and your mood! It’s still the same reliable staples underneath but with a little more pep to their step!

J. Crew Coat / Clare V. Top / Zella Leggings / Vince Shoes / Lululemon Bag / Karen Walker Sunglasses / Echo Hat (similar here)

Target! Be Still My Heart


I, like everyone else, am a huge fan of Target.  When I think they couldn’t outdo themselves anymore, they prove me wrong.  There are two recent collaborations that have caught my eye and making me hyperventilate.

Modern by Dwell Magazine.  For the modern design lover, this is a collaboration with Dwell Magazine bringing streamlined furniture, accessories, and tableware to your home.  I am eyeing the solar powered outdoor lights and this ice bucket but also exercising great restraint to not buy all the home decor items (since we actually don’t NEED anything and childcare is the price of in-state college tuition). So won’t you shop for me?


Nate Berkus for Baby.  This makes me want to have another baby (okay, not really)!  Nate Berkus is not new to Target but his line of neutral colored nursery decor and clothing gives me a whole new perspective on him. This budget friendly line can make one stylish bubba or bubbette.  I have already styled B’s room but I think this plush llama would fit in nicely with the decor.

If that isn’t enough to get you into the stores, their Threshold line keeps coming out with fresh new pieces (case in point this rug) with enough variety for everyone to do a Spring spruce-up.

Did I mention that I love Target?!

(images via Target)

Hello Again (And Interesting Links)

Hello again. To say I haven’t posted in awhile is an understatement. Life has gotten crazy with two kids and a job and I could easily just shut this blog down. However, I decided to keep it up for now, posting when I have something worthwhile to share, if anything for my own amusement. Hopefully, it will be of some entertainment to you as well!

I found this in my draft folder, circa 2015, but the links are still interesting and worth a share. 

Happy New Year! xo

The Pathway To Great Skin 

I have never been a product junkie, although is it weird that I secretly aspire to be one? I get enticed with every cream and serum marketed, but get so overwhelmed by all the choices out there that I usually stick to what I know. Fortunately, if what you know is effective then there is no need to throw your money at more stuff. Ever since I had A, my skin has taken me on a hormonal ride and had to rethink my skincare. Through some trial and error, I found three products that returned my skin to smooth and clear territory. Continue reading “The Pathway To Great Skin “

Add Down Jackets


Every year, I find dressing myself in winter to be a challenge.  I find the goals of keeping warm and looking professional impossible to achieve at the same time.  While on my revived kick to find a stylish puffer coat, I stumbled upon an Italian brand called AddContinue reading “Add Down Jackets”

Birthday Wishlist


January is typically not anyone’s favorite month. Everyone is coming off the holiday highs and Spring is still in the distant future. January birthday babies are probably the only exception to this feeling. Every year, I remind myself that my birthday follows shortly after New Year’s and the fun doesn’t end. When family members ask what I would like for my birthday, I never know the answer. My wants range from “of the moment” needs to things that are super expensive (a girl can dream). Nowadays, I think more carefully since a gift needs some practicality or it will be left unused. So I curated a small set of favorites that meet both function and luxury. Continue reading “Birthday Wishlist”

Vibrant Print

A friend of mine got married this past weekend in Napa Valley.  She had a beautiful Indian wedding ceremony and a lot of the female guests (outside of the immediate family) were dressed in saris.  To emulate the same festive and colorful feeling, I wore this maxi skirt in a mustard yellow and royal blue pattern.  It was a random find I discovered during a weekend stroll through Eastern Market.  I loved the vibrant print and volume and thought it would be perfect for the occasion. Continue reading “Vibrant Print”

My Obsession With Stripes

At the last count, I think I own about six or seven striped tops and dresses. Stripes have become my go-to pattern and I can always spot enough variation to justify the purchase of a new piece. The newest one is from J. Crew and incredibly soft and warm.  So far, I have worn it with a blazer for work, with jeans on the weekend, and most recently with a skirt for family photos (A approves!). Continue reading “My Obsession With Stripes”

Adventures in Babyproofing – Part 1

Hey everybody! I am very sorry to have gone MIA the past month and half. Things have gotten real busy as work has ramped up along with regular mommy duties. With all of that going on, it’s been hard to find time, let alone inspiration, for a blog post. Luckily, I had some down time over Labor Day to give me some renewed energy. That energy went towards babyproofing now that A is fully mobile and “ranging” all around (a term hubby has used to describe his scooting and crawling to and fro).

How does one know what needs babyproofing? It’s actually pretty easy to figure out. Step one, find a squirmy infant or toddler. Step two, set them loose and see what they touch or get near…it’s guaranteed to be a safety hazard.  After a couple of weeks of following A everywhere he went and covering corners with my hand, I knew I wanted A to have freedom so that he could explore and learn, but not have carte blanche on the entire house. Considering our first floor is open concept and where we spend the most time, I chose this area as his safe space and made a few key modifications while maintaining its style. Continue reading “Adventures in Babyproofing – Part 1”

Eat. Shop. Do.

SEE LARK! | Eat. Shop. Do.

I blinked suddenly we are more than halfway done with summer.  Where did the time go?!  I plan to use the weekend to finish up on some home projects, catch some rays, and finally get a much needed cut and color.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  • SHOP. I know this seems ridiculous, but I am kind of in love (and want) with this marble iPhone case.
  • DO. See in one graphic all the real places used in the shooting of Game of Thrones (and maybe plan a trip to one of these gorgeous places too!)


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