Hubby and I decided to take a two-week vacation to Israel with our Intro to Judaism classmates. We dedicated the first full day to exploring Tel Aviv and taking a walking tour through Jaffa.  Prior to the founding of Tel Aviv, Jaffa was the main city and port.  When Tel Aviv was founded, it was established in the outskirts of Jaffa. In modern times, Tel Aviv and Jaffa were unified as one municipality.  The beautiful mosaic pictured above was created by an artist named Nachum Gutman and tells the story about the founding of Tel Aviv.  This excerpt of the mosaic wall shows the beginning with ancient Jaffa with its orange trees.  Below is a view of the Tel Aviv skyline from Jaffa’s vantage point, what a beautiful scene!

I, along with the rest of the group, listened attentively to our two walking tour guides; one was Israeli Jew and the other was an Israeli Arab.  We really appreciated learning about Jaffa’s history and hearing the multiple perspectives these guides provided.

At the end of the tour, we emptied out by the Jaffa port.  I found the industrial vibe and the graffiti in the port a stark contrast from the older parts of the city that we had just visited.  Welcome back to the 21st century!

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