On our way to Tiberias, we visited Tzfat.  Tzfat, Sfat, Safed, or many other spellings, is one of the four holy cities in Israel — Jerusalem, Tiberias, and Hebron being the other three.  It is well known as Israel’s arts capital and the center for kabbalistic learning (Jewish mysticism).  We met with an artist named Avraham Loewenthal who uses art to describe basic concepts of Kabbalah. His work has a modern aesthetic and is absolutely beautiful.

I really enjoyed the feeling of antiquity in this town, specifically the stone walls and narrow pathways.

At the end of our journey we encountered a juice stand.  This man and his pomegranate juice stand was such a prime photo opp, it’s almost as if he was strategically placed for tourists to take his photo.  It was by far the most delicious pomegranate juice I have ever tasted!

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