We spent a few days in Jerusalem and our first stop was in the City of David.  We managed to visit Hezekiah’s tunnels, Kotel tunnel, and the Western Wall all in the same day.  The archaeology and history in this ancient and holy city was an incredible experience.

It was a bit of challenge wardrobe wise to dress for trekking through tunnels, wading through water, and to be covered up for the Western Wall.  Though our tour guide doubted my outfit decision, my side slitted maxi dress was the best and most versatile choice for the challenge.  I was able to tie up the ends and create some sort of mid-thigh bubble skirt when walking through the tunnels and then untie and cover up my shoulders for the Western Wall — the best of both worlds!

It was a long, hot, yet fulfilling day.  When you see shade, you take the opportunity to cool off.  Have a great day!

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