My husband and I love watching live music, but as we have gotten busier with work and everday life, it’s been hard to make it out for a performance.  A couple of weeks ago, we had a rare late Wednesday night outing to see the performance of Tiger and Woods.  We absolutely love this low-key DJ duo.  Our favorite song, Gin Nation, was the last track played at our wedding so it was a huge treat to see them DJ a great set which of course also ended with Gin Nation!

I decided to snazz up my usual music-going clothing with something a little “fancier”.  I opted for shorts and a faux lambskin moto jacket since it we were having that “transition to Fall” type of weather.  Normally, I would stick with flats but I have been needing an excuse to wear these platform heels that are super soft and actually comfortable to wear!  Lastly, I added a pink lace top and a Pac-Man necklace (a previous birthday gift that channels my 80s childhood) for some pop and I am all set!

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