We went to Charleston for the weekend to attend a friend’s wedding.  I had been to Savannah but this was a first time visit in Charleston.  Though it was a short visit, I was able to capture a few shots.  Our hotel was in Mount Pleasant and near the harbor where the USS Yorktown greeted us.

I imagined Charleston to be like Savannah, a charming southern town with a traditional aesthetic.  So I was a little surprised to encounter this cool modern looking bridge (Arthur Ravenel Jr Bridge).  It had an impact on me and I enjoyed looking at it from a far and then becoming this grand structure as we drove back and forth.

We walked around downtown Charleston, through Battery Park and then side streets to look at the southern houses and architecture.  I spotted a lot of cool wrought iron finishes and really loved the weathered and oxidized look it had.  Add to that a brick road and church steeple, this is what I imagined Charleston to look like!

We ended the walking tour with a visit by the water.  The day was hot so it was nice to catch a breeze.  Now, off to the wedding!

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