It is exciting to see my neighborhood, Northeast DC, go through so much change over the past couple of years.  One of the newest additions is the renovation of DC’s Union Market.  I have seen it slowly come up and had the opportunity to visit the new market a couple of weeks ago.  It is still ramping up; however, there are already many food vendors and pop-up artisans setting up shop.

When I went inside, I first noticed the design and decor of the market.  I would describe it as being industrial, modern, yet warm.  The exposed duct work paired with the wood and vendors’ butcher block tables create a nice balance.  From afar, I saw this really cool chandelier and much to my surprise as I approached it, I noticed it was made of plastic water bottles.  What a truly unique and eco-friendly creation!

Since I am rarely at home during the work week, I miss out on the great food trucks that serve up lunch in DC.  I was really excited to see TaKorean stationed here as I have been wanting to try their Korean-inspired tacos.  I had their bulgogi beef taco with kimchi slaw, it was very delicious with just the right amount of spice.

After eating, I spotted this sign and had wished I would have saved room for a lamb sausage gravy and biscuit meal.  I guess this is all the more reason to come back!

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