Think big picture.  This is my personal motto, especially when at work.  I’d like to put that mantra aside and instead look at the details.  Let’s stay there for a moment and appreciate what details do to contribute to the overall story.  In the above picture, far away it’s just another tree turning color in the Fall.  Up close, I spotted what looked like a billy button (crespedia) flower.

Far away, this is just a dispenser for water at a party.  Up close, the spout is a delicate piece of hardware and I like how the crystal glasses sparkle behind it.

Far away, this is just a nighstand.  Up close, the candle was a wedding gift and the Eiffel Tower ornament was something I scored at a White Elephant party, one of the first parties I went to when I moved to DC, great memories all around.

Far away, this is just a door to a house.  Up close, I you can see the lion guarding the opening to the house.  I love his majestic look and his antique gold finish.

Far away, the bustle of a park and chirping of birds is just background noise.  Up close, this bird was singing a very sweet song.  It was a very distinct and long melody, I wonder who he was talking to?

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