On rare occasions, I find myself in town during the work week. Fortunately, on this day it was warm, sunny, and beautiful. On the way downtown to run an errand before my last meeting for the day, I stopped by the National Arboretum. It’s so close to my home and I couldn’t resist a quick side trip to take in the sunshine. This spot is where the original Capitol columns live.

I loved the colors that Fall brings, the Fall foliage was giving off different orange hues and paired off with these great purple flowers. The scene seem to make my pink shoes all the more appropriate.

Two new things I have been trying to incorporate into my wardrobe this fall are clutches and more leather. I thought the clutch would be impractical but I quickly discovered it to be quite the opposite. It fit nicely under the arm and was large enough to carry without it slipping out. The skirt I scored in Israel in the dead heat of August (I couldn’t imagine wearing leather at that moment but knew it would pay off come Fall). I have a few leather items already but this one was different in that it had a cute perforated pattern.

All in all, visiting the Arboretum was a great almost-end-of-the-day activity. Hope everyone has a great Friday!

The Goods: Uniqlo Shirt / Found in Israel Skirt and Wrap Belt / Guess Shoes / Thrift Store Clutch

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