I never paid too much attention to art until I had to furnish and decorate an entire home. Art is expensive, people! Luckily with the invention of IKEA and Etsy, one can make art very affordable and very cool. The one place that I can hang really girly art is in my closet. I have full creative control in the master bedroom closet and thought it would be fun to hang some art for my eyes only (don’t worry, the husband has a guest room closet to call his own). Therefore, I embarked on a very simple IKEA hack project where I took a white frame and embellished it with some spray paint and glitter tape.

I really liked the little trim on the inner edge of the frame. I thought I would spray paint it a metallic silver to make it pop.

I thought the frame had substantial width and could use a little snazzing up with glitter tape. In a perfect world, the width of the tape and the width of the frame would match up exactly, but we all know we don’t live in a perfect world…sigh. To cover the entire surface area, I made a pattern by using three strips. The first two strips lined the edges of the frame and the third I placed in the center to address the remaining uncovered area. From far away it looks monochromatic, up close it has an intentional pattern.

Finally, I added a print that I scored on Etsy (find here) and voila! You can find more of my favorite, cost conscious art finds on my Pinterest board.

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