I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and post-Thanksgiving weekend.  I stayed in town and spent the holiday with my in-laws.  I didn’t really partake in the Black Friday madness…just thinking about the crowds and the lust for bargin deals (and blood) made me hyperventilate.  I eventually made my way to Bloomingdale’s in the late afternoon and scored a couple of pieces without a scene.

On Saturday, my husband and I also tried to see the movie Argo.  We heard such great things about it and thinking that since it has been out for a while that we wouldn’t have problems just showing up 30 minutes before showtime to buy tickets.  Well, we were way WRONG (wah wump)!  It was sold out, let this be a lesson to us, we must always buy tickets in advance.  We didn’t want to wait around for the next showing so instead, we decided to play tourist in our own town and visited the National Portrait Gallery and a few other places.  Here are some pictures from our evening.

[We were trying to use my iPhone with the reverse camera feature.  It took us a few tries to figure out where to look.  Apparently, I never got the hang of it!]

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