I love pictures! 90% of my motivation for this blog is because I love to collect, look, and stare at pictures for hours and hours. The other day, we got a package in the mail. It was a stack of our wedding photos from our awesome photographer, Mary Kate. She has an amazing eye and I wanted to create a keepsake for our parents with her work that was memorable and recreated the feel from that day.

After the wedding, I didn’t know what to do with all the cards received from guests and other memorabilia used for the reception. It seemed sad to have them just live in a storage box. After I decided to make albums for our families, I thought repurposing some of these artifacts would be a good way to give them a new life. I chose an album that reflected the main wedding color and interspersed our wedding invite and signage amongst the photos.

When it comes to making albums for others, you must think about your audience. While you may enjoy seeing a lot of pictures of yourself, others may want to see more of the wedding guests or their side of the family. The goal is balance and to think about the interest of the person on the receiving end. For example, the album for my husband’s side of the family focuses more on family shots whereas for our album, I would include more wedding details like my wedding accessories, cupcakes, and table decor (i.e., photo shots without people in it).

I used the front of a wedding card that I absolutely adored as the cover for the album. It’s so simple and sweet and a great way to display your greeting cards after the “displaying in your house” statute of limitations has passed.

To see more photos, MK showcased her beautiful work on my wedding here on her blog. The elegant signage is by Susan McArdle of Just Ink on Paper (view her collection here).

P.S. If traditional photo albums are not your thing.  I recently discovered My Publisher which I used to create additional albums.  You can opt to use a template or take full creative control over the layout…can you guess which option I chose? 😉

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