My husband and I have an annual Fall ritual. We take time during this season to take a couple of long hikes in the Shenandoah Mountains. This year has been hectic and due to some scheduling conflicts, we didn’t make it out to Shenandoah. Fortunately, Sugarloaf Mountain (an outlier of Shenandoah) is a great alternative for us city folk who want to get outdoors but can’t afford to be gone the entire weekend. Nestled near Frederick Maryland, it makes for a great Sunday afternoon getaway.

We took a loop around the summit of Sugarloaf and so the white trail marker marked the spot. We took our time, taking a few photos along the way and having our peanut butter and jelly sandwich lunches. It still counted as exercise, right?


This one particular shot I took of this shadowed tree reminded me of Hokusai’s Boy Viewing Mount Fuji with its dark outlines and gray sky, slightly eerie.



The freshly chopped tree and pine needles garnered images of Bear Grylls ,making fire and shelter from the wood and making tea from the pine needles (…right before he eats a bug or traps a wild animal!). Okay, I know, we were near the ‘burbs, it wasn’t THAT far out in the wild.


After the hike we stopped at the Comus Market. There was such a great selection of squashes and pumpkins but we settled on buying some apple cider instead. My husband has an idea to create an apple cider reduction to incorporate into a Manhattan cocktail. If it turns out well, I will share it in a future post. If it doesn’t…what cocktail?!

[See ya later gator…er I mean chicken!]

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