The holidays are in full swing and you’ve probably been to quite a few shindigs already. Before you know it, New Year’s will be here and you’ll be scouting for an NYE look. If you tend to feel a bit guilty about buying new party dresses knowing that you will only wear it once, here are some practical (and not so practical) ways to upgrade your existing black dresses that are in your closet and calling out to you, “Remember me? Oh please wear me again!”.

1. Statement Necklace: Large necklaces are very on-trend, it gives an instant makeover to any dress. Something like this with a peter pan collar is best worn with a dress with a crew neck Wear it with a sweater or a long sleeve tee afterwards to get maximum use.

2. Peplum Belt: I thought this was a really unique belt and a great choice for those who don’t want to invest in the peplum look. Wear this belt with a body-con dress or black pencil skirt and it will give your look an instant face lift (or more like face transplant in this situation).

3. Ear Cuffs: I once saw something like this on Halle Berry in an issue of InStyle magazine. I thought it was so edgy and cool! Pull your hair up and rock these blingy things for the ears with a simple silhouette dress. I really want a reason to wear these!!! Maybe with a mohawk hairdo?! Okay…I am now overdoing it a bit.

4. Long Gloves: This channels a bit of Audrey Hepburn, but tougher with the studs. Gloves can be worn with a sleeveless or cap sleeve dress. I would not recommend anything longer otherwise your arm will look a bit chopped up and that is never a good thing. Get extra bold and wear a large cocktail ring over the gloves.

5. Glitter Shoes: You have probably been inundated with glitter and sparkly shoe choices this season. I think it’s great but come January/February, you may think to yourself, “When on Earth will I wear these again?”. Fear not, you don’t have to put down a chunk of change for this look…instead buy a budget-friendly version so guilt won’t rise up come January 2nd. These shoes will look good with almost any LBD.

6. Jeweled Bracelet: Have yourself an arm party and keep the rest of your jewelry simple (or non-existent). I like the art-deco feel of this bracelet. I think it looks best with a dress with sleeves that ends just above the wrist or a three-quarter sleeve.

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