Put on your sunglasses folks, you are about to be blinded. Neon colors are a risk, you never know when/if they will go back out of style. I like bold colors but tend to shy away from this much bold (usually I would stick to a top or bottom, but not all over). However, I think with this dress, the silk material and silhouette makes it more classic and easier to wear an on-trend color. Even though I scored this at a great deal (change of season) at my favorite place, Bloomies (Bloomingdale’s), it’s something that can be worn in the winter months with tights. In the spring, I can switch out with open toe shoes and cinch the dress with a belt…two outfits in one!



This handbag goes with me everywhere! It is the perfect size for travel and play (Btw, what is up with the one carry-on and one personal item rule on planes? What do working women do when they have a laptop bag AND a purse?! Totally unfair but, with this one, I can throw it into my other bag.).

The other main accessory is the nail polish. I am an Essie addict and found that this dark red/purple (Recessionista) was a great complement to the color of the dress.


The Goods: Tibi Dress / Ann Taylor Shoes / Tory Burch Handbag / Elizabeth and James Sunglasses / Essie Recessionista Nail Polish

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