‘Twas the night before Christmas, and a woman laid eyes on a gorgeous pair of shoes. The heels were jeweled and sparkled in the light. She wanted them instantly but wasn’t quite sure how to get them. You see…the shoes were ultra expensive and while the woman could splurge, it didn’t mean she should. Here is the story of the options and the ultimate decision…


Option 1: Buy the shoe, make the investment [Miu Miu heels]


Option 2: Make it a DIY project, which would be really fun! [Image and DIY directions from Honestly WTF]


Option 3: Find a low-cost version and live the dream [Nine West heels, similar here]

…And Option 3 was the most prudent (and chosen) choice. Dollars were saved for future DIY endeavors. I promise* to take a break from blogging about sparkly, glittery, shiny things for a bit after this post…Happy Holidays!

(*Not a real promise)

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