New Year’s Eve 2012

As we prepare to say goodbye to 2012, I took some time to reflect on the year. Overall, I think 2012 was a great year. There were a lot of life events (marriages and babies), travel, and wonderful moments with good friends. Farewell 2012, you have been good to me…I pay homage by sharing some highlights from the year.


January: I started off the year visiting Florida, a little warmth and beach to greet 2012


February: Scored the ultimate suite upgrade at The W Midtown in Atlanta, an E-Wow Suite…wow indeed!


March: Trip to Flim, Switzerland for a work conference


April: Bachelorette weekend in Austin, we spent it at the Travaasa Spa and Hotel (Heaven!)


May: Pre-wedding celebration in NYC with Feist @ Radio City


June: Getting hitched and then honeymooning in the Greek Islands, lovely Santorini!


July: Visit to the Hirschorn Museum’s Suprasensorial: Experiments in Light, Color, and Space exhibit


August: Visiting Israel, en route to the Jordan River (hence the swimwear)


September: Baby shower for a friend with a storybook theme, those are cakes!


October: Stacy London on her The Truth About Style book tour (…and she liked my outfit!!!)


November: Hosting the first Thanksgiving as a married couple


December: The most precious moment of 2012 was getting to meet my nephew Max, sweet baby!

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