[Ghost Chairs – Adds seating without adding visual weight, lower cost option here]

I love the transparent plastic that is lucite. Also known as acrylic, this material is the best thing since sliced bread. It shows up everywhere, from furniture, home decor, to fashion accessories…it’s even used to make musical instruments! While a chemist will probably point out my mistake of using the term lucite and acrylic interchangeably to describe this polymer, (probably misusing ‘polymer’ too!), here are a few fantastic lucite pieces for your viewing pleasure.



[Lucite Heels – Gives a weighty chunkiness to a shoe and provides great stability, last seen here and here]


[Decorative Tray – So that you can see all those fancy coffee table books you’ve collected!]


[Electric Guitar – Just a bitchin’ guitar…no further explanation required]

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