1. Wing Back Chair / 2. Leopard Rug / 3. Driftwood Lamp / 4. Brass Vase

On a previous visit to South Beach, I fell in love with the glamour and rich looking interior design of the W South Beach hotel. At that time, my humble abode had already been furnished and “decorated”, but after seeing these great spaces, I decided to slowly start over. If you ever encounter a challenge of how to decorate a space, just look to your favorite places and spaces for inspiration. Don’t feel that you have to go with something that you already bought or have, you deserve better! I recouped past investments by re-selling my items, all of which went to a very nice new home.

To inspire you, here are a few of my favorite rooms from the hotel and some affordable and deliciously extravagant furniture and decor choices based on them. Enjoy!



1. Sectional Sofa / 2. Zebra Throw Pillow / 3. Typography Art Print / 4. Tufted Ottoman



1. Outdoor Arm Chair / 2. Cow Skin Rug / 3. Sheep Skin Rug / 4. Chinese Stool



1. Woven Chair / 2. White Nailhead Ottoman / 3. Concrete Side Table / 4. Moroccan Ottoman

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