Hosting a party, whether it be for a small or large group, can seem overwhelming. Therefore, having a list to organize yourself is essential. Ever since I got married, I found that I was more equipped to entertain thanks to all the serving pieces I received as wedding gifts. Once that is covered, then the rest is cake. Below is a list and a few photos to guide your next party planning endeavor.  Enjoy!



[DIY liquor bar with an assortment of mixers, finishing touches, and coasters]

1. Beverages.  Make sure to have plenty of beverages, both alcholic and non-alcholic on hand.  I like to create a DIY liquor bar where people can make their own drinks and I leave pre-made garnishes, like lemons, limes, and olives, at the end of the assembly line.


[Bite-sized food featuring smoked salmon with cream cheese, dill, capers, and splash of lemon juice]

2. Food. Assuming your party isn’t a sit-down dinner, it’s best to choose a spread of hors d’oeuvres that is simple but that also has some variety.  My suggestion is to prepare food that doesn’t require heat or something that tastes equally good at room temperature.   I like the traditional crudite platter, sushi, cheese, and who doesn’t love a good mini hot dog in a puff pastry?!  One last tip, you don’t have to prepare everything in the same amount, work in the rule of thirds.  For example, if 20 people are coming, you don’t need 20 servings of cheese, instead make it about 6-8 servings.  Apply this concept across each dish and you will have enough to go around.


[Dessert plates in a variety of styles and colors create a casual and ecletic look]


[Mason jars used to store flatware]


[Fresh flowers to bring life to the space]

3. Details. To me, the details count and little things, like using real plates instead of paper plates or real wine glasses instead of paper cups, can make the guests feel more welcomed.  Flowers and candles are also nice details that won’t go unnoticed.


[Tissue pom pom garland adorning the staircase for extra flair]

4. Decor.  I like any excuse to decorate so a party gives me a reason to buy big balloons, garlands, confetti and other party-like items.  If you have the time and budget, a few festive items can amp up the party experience.

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