[1. Faux Leather and Lace Skirt / 2. Lace Peplum Top / 3. Leather Trimmed Skirt / 4. Lace-Up Booties]

I thoroughly enjoyed the Super Bowl last night. For starters, my husband is a Ravens fan so it was great to see all the years of dedication and loyalty paying off. Second, there was Beyonce’s Super Bowl Halftime show. There will be positive and negative responses to Beyonce’s performance, but for me, I loved it! It had all the wow, pizazz, and excessive wind blowing into hair that every girl dreams of when they sing into their hairbrushes. I especially loved the all-girl cast including the electric guitar solo with fireworks coming out of both ends and the back-up band. Finally, when Kelly and Michelle popped up from underneath the stage for a Destiny’s Chile reunion performance…GOOSEBUMPS! All the ladies looked sexy and powerful and while they may get criticized for too much booty-bumping and hair swirling and not enough singing, I thought they appeared strong and tough. The costumes of leather and lace enhanced that message of “Don’t mess with me!”. If you do a quick Google search, you’ll learn that it was a designer named Rubin Singer that made those costumes. If he wasn’t well known before, he is now!

In the spirit of the performance, I want to inspire the inner sexy and powerful woman in all of us with a selection of my favorite leather and lace pieces. Can you handle it?

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