[Room Color: Benjamin Moore West Coast]

I absolutely love to pull together a guest room that is comfortable and luxurious for visiting friends and family. Since I travel so much for work, I know how important it is to have a place that welcomes you when you are away from home. The guest room I created is modern with a touch of quirky and elegant elements. It takes time, so patience is a virtue in determining the right color and details for your room. You will know when your hard work has paid off when your guests are well rested (and don’t want to leave!). Below are some ideas on where to source pieces for your next decorating project.


[1. Heart on Sleeve / 2. Modern Chairs / 3. Great Dane Silhouette / 4. Horse Figurine ]

I am an Etsy addict! I source most of the artwork in my house from Etsy, it’s affordable and you can find almost anything that you are looking for in terms of color palette or medium. For this room, I was going for a whimsical set of prints. Using the same frame can pull together any set of prints into a more uniform collection. I bought these frames from a local art supply store which also kept the cost low.


[1. Throw Pillow Cases / 2. Gold Pillow Shams]

Throw pillows can be surprisingly expensive, especially when they are made with designer fabrics. After much looking and researching, my mind told me to find something budget friendly but my heart said F. Shumacher. Once again, my reliable source, Etsy, came to the rescue and I found these F. Shumacher throw pillows with a reasonable price tag. Another tip is to try to buy your pillows without the inserts. I find them to be less expensive and when searching on Etsy, it makes shipping less expensive.


Nothing says luxe like the color gold. I found this dog at Marshall’s for a paltry sum. He was all white but with a can of metallic gold spray paint, he transformed into the king of the room. He looks very regal doesn’t he?


A guest room is not complete without a set of dresser drawers. This room has great light but the windows also take away valuable wall real estate. After a lengthy search for a dresser with a low enough profile to fit under the windows and long enough to cover the span of the wall, I decided to make my own using Ikea’s BESTA units. The modular aspect of the BESTA allowed me to build out to the exact measurements. I also love the variety of finishes it offers. I chose a lacquer white drawer front to give it a more expensive look. To personalize the piece, I used wallpaper to line the drawers. Now when guests open a drawer to put things away, they are greeted by these happy Japanese characters!


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