Mixology, the art of preparing a well-balanced cocktail, has come into fashion of late. Those who are dedicated to the craft may argue that it never went out of style and is only now getting attention with the masses and the hipsters in your local town. Either way, it’s good news for everyone as the essential mixology materials are now more accessible to create your own concotions at home (or, if you are me, have your husband make them for you).


I have this joke about Zooey Deschanel’s band She & Him (stay with me guys, there is a point to this tangent). The band has an adorable cute and folksy sound that my husband and I say should be part of an Anthropologie Girl’s Starter Kit. You can envision it, a really adorable floral swing skirt, cashmere cardigan, vintage teacups, and a She & Him album. Well if there was such a thing, the kit would be accompanied by a Mixology Starter Kit filled with fancy bitters, vintage glasses, and syrups packaged in old-fashioned bottles.


I’m sure if you searched for it, you can find such a kit, but if you prefer a challenge, here are some things you can source to make your own mix kit:

  1. Bitters and syrups in a variety of flavors (found both of them here)
  2. Cocktail recipe book
  3. Vintage tumblers, high-balls, and cordial glasses
  4. Mixing tools and liquor
  5. State of Texas decorative paperweight (optional)


Lastly, to inject a little humor into your day, here’s one of my favorite skits on the show Portlandia. Watch their take on mixology and tell me what you think…mixologist or just a bartender? Cheers!

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