Last week, I shared with you a new cosmetic bag that I scored at the DC Gilt City Warehouse. I am sad to report that I left it on my flight to Atlanta. I searched with Delta’s baggage service, lost and found, and it was no where to be found. After all these years of work travel, I was due for an incident where I leave something behind. It can be rattling to lose something, especially when you know right where you left it and cannot retrieve it.

With this unfortunate situation, comes a silver lining. Along with my cosmetic case, I lost one of my favorite Nars lipsticks. I held out hope that I would be able to find my things so I went to the local CVS to find a temporary back-up. I found this Cover Girl lipstick that I have discovered that I like just as much (if not more) than my Nars. The color is rich and bold and I find that I have less lip feathering challenges. It may be my new go-to for a bold red lip. It’s great to have options on both the high and low end of the spectrum.


The good news is that I was able to find my bag, it just took a few days for it to turn up in Lost and Found. It came back with almost all of its contents. My iPhone headphones are gone but, more importantly, my trusty and weathered Lego Dirk Nowitzki keychain found his way home. Hurrah!

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