Well folks, another weekend has come and gone.  I spent mine with my husband and friends exploring new things in our comfortably known city.   It was hubby’s birthday and to make up for not being in town for the actual day, we headed to Kushi for dinner.  Kushi is an izakaya and sushi restaurant located in Northwest DC.  An izakaya is basically a Japanese tavern, or drinking establishment, with lots of a small dishes.  My first izakaya experiment was in Vancouver at a place called Guu (great place to check out if you are ever in area) and I have loved it ever since.  The ambiance encourages you stay for a bit, sip sake or beer and eat a variety of delicious treats.  Kushi is no exception.  Their okra salad, duck skewers (with salt), and black sesame seed gelato were some of my favorites of the evening.


[Sesame and Red Bean Mochi]

On Sunday, we took advantage of the nice weather and took a stroll through Eastern Market.  We then rewarded ourselves with bubble tea at the Boba Pop-Up at Toki Underground.  Bubble tea is one of my favorite Taiwanese treats and a good version is hard to find in DC proper.  Boba’s version was rich in almond milk and taro flavor and not too sweet, a great balance.  If that wasn’t enough, they even had handmade mochi on the menu!  We snagged the last red bean flavor…woo hoo!  I am crossing my fingers that Mike and Howard make Boba a recurring event over the Spring and Summer.

It’s wonderful to see such diverse cuisine in Washington, DC.  I have lived in this city for over eight years and it has definitely evolved since my first arrival.  I am especially appreciative of the Asian fare it has to offer…DC knows how to make a girl feel at home.  Have a great week everyone!

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