In the past 10 years, I have moved at least seven times. The upside to moving is that it forced me to purge clothing, trinkets, and other things on a regular basis. Now that I own a home, I use the turn of the season as a reminder to get organized. I started by investing in a closet organization system last Fall, but empty shelving and racks can only take you so far. The rest is up to how you use the space. I am visual person, if I don’t see it I don’t use it. Therefore, I had to find a way to organize my clothing, jewelry, and accessories so that I can see it all without it looking messy. I achieved a balance between display and organization that helped me pull together outfits and pack for trips more easily. It also motivated me to put things away when I am done using them (my mother would be proud). If you face similar challenges, here are some closet and organization tips I picked up along the way.


1. Display your sunglasses in an decorative tray. A tray makes it look purposeful and orderly instead of random and cluttered.

2. Use a mannequin to hang large statement necklaces, it doubles as organization and decor.

3. Get rid of mismatched hangers and replace them with uniform hangers. I recently switched from wood hangers to black velvet ones to save closet space and for the extra grip.

4. Use a shelf made for shoes or a bookcase to display your most commonly used shoes. Rotate shoes when the season changes or when you find a new favorite pair to incorporate.


5. Store jewelry in a jewelry valet holder, this can be a built-in if you have a closet organization system or use a jewelry case that provides the same type of compartments. See-through boxes and jars are also great to store jewelry so that you can see them. If you see it, you will wear it!

6. Line up your clutches and wallets in a single row so that you can easily switch out with your outfits giving your accessories equal love.


7. Last but certainly not least, have fun with your closet and decorate it with girly art. Pictures, art prints, and memorabilia that don’t belong in other rooms can bring a smile to your face as you get dressed.

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