Like the majority of people, I am worn out by the end of the work week.  By Friday, it is very important to me to have a place of calm and relaxation when I get home.  For this reason, I wanted to ensure that my master bedroom got the proper decorating treatment to help me unwind.

I love the beach and wanted to reflect that sense of peace the beach brings where I sleep.  It starts with the right color palette and a blue-green color on the walls mimicked the ocean.  I chose gray and white linens, textile, and accent furniture to give a clean/crisp feeling, like what you find in a beach house.  Orange is a complementary color to blue and I accented the room with orange sparingly.



The accessories were a little tricky.  I looked for decor items that had a nautical theme and carefully filtered to keep the room from looking kitschy.  With a careful editing eye and a pair of uniquely shaped floating shelves, I achieved the oasis I was seeking.


The Goods: C2 Misty Morn Paint / BO Concept Shelves / West Elm Duvet / CB2 Throw Pillows (similar here) /  Madeline Weinrib Rug (similar here)

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