Recently I was asked by someone to give them the name of my dermatologist. Now, I could have taken offense by what was implied in that question but instead took it as a compliment and an opportunity to share my skin regimen. Other than obvious things like drinking plenty of water and staying away from direct sunlight, I found a routine that works and helps conserve the products I use by alternating their use for day and night.


In the morning, use a toner after a hot shower or rinsing your face. Facial cleanser and toner are redundant, so use only one in the morning and then moisturize with a facial moisturizer with an SPF 15 or more. Don’t forget to also do the same for your neck.


At night, taking off make-up and washing your face is probably the last thing you want to do but it’s very important to go to sleep with a clean face (so that you can have an abbreviated process in the morning). Start with make-up removing wipes to do the dirty work and then a cleansing brush to throughly wash your face. I like the Clarsonic Mia because it’s compact and timed for one minute so I don’t even have to think about how long to wash. It’s also okay to go rogue and use a different brand of facial cleanser. To finish the routine, apply a night-time serum…and again don’t forget to apply some to your neck!

If some of these suggestions are too pricey for your budget, I also like Aveeno and Neutrogena. They have similar products at a more accessible price point.

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