When my husband and I moved into our home, we had a bathroom that was all beige. The beige color coupled with the beige tile made the room “blah” and uninspiring. I repainted the bathroom in a very light green mint color (Benjamin Moore Woodland White), but I didn’t stop at a new paint job. Since this bathroom is adjacent to our guest room, I wanted to make it more spa-like with all the amenities guests would appreciate. Here are a few simple ideas to incorporate into your bathroom to create that spa feeling at home.


Linens and towels are everything when it comes to bathrooms. I like using Turkish hand towels, they add an extra bit of glam with its tassels. They can be expensive but places like West Elm have affordable ones. Another great source is Etsy, which is where I found mine.


I use a lot of cotton balls and swabs to remove make-up, apply toner, etc. Therefore, I like to leave plenty for guests in glass jars. Additionally, I found a good use for all the Bliss products I have collected from my hotel stays by leaving them as emergency shampoo, conditioner, face wash, and soaps for individual use.


In addition to the Turkish towels, I love fluffy, soft, white bath towels. I found that the ones from Pottery Barn meet all my criteria for a reasonable price. Since they are guest towels, white is totally doable. For my own bathroom, I opted for a more practical gray color.


Instead of hanging additional artwork, I re-purposed a ladder meant to hold towels into a magazine holder. I chose only my nice magazines (read: hearty with beautiful front cover magazines) to display for others to see and enjoy.


Having fresh smelling hand soap and lotion by the sink are a must. I like rosemary mint and lavender scents. Also, having a hand brush and pretty soap dish are nice finishing touches.


Lastly, take a step back and enjoy your hard work.  Then reward yourself by taking a bubble bath or giving yourself a facial.  Go ahead…you deserve it!

3 thoughts on “Creating Your Own Spa

  1. This is such a lovely bathroom!! You really added some beautiful touches. A beautiful bathroom makes me really happy 🙂 I LOVE the magazine rack idea! haha that is so clever! Our magazines are just sitting on top of the toilet hehe. Glad I found your blog today! 🙂

    Sunny with a side of…

    1. Thanks so much! It was a lot of fun pulling it together. Instead of feeling depressed and avoiding it, I now use it even though it’s the guest bathroom! Thanks for leaving your link, I’ll check you out! -XO

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