I finally experienced my first 80+ degree day last weekend and that means shorts weather! I bought this pair of floral shorts from the Prabal Gurung + Target collaboration and have been waiting for the right time to break them in. I originally had a simple white or black tee in mind to wear with these shorts but then then thought it would be better to match it with something equally bold. I recently joined StyleMint (Danger, Will Robinson!) and purchased this graphic black and white striped tank. It fit the bill perfectly because it reflected colors that are also in the shorts…a match made in heaven!




The Goods: StyleMint Shirt (similar here and here) / Prabal Gurung + Target Shorts (similar here) / Kors by Michael Kors Shoes / ASOS Sunglasses

6 thoughts on “Mixing Patterns

    1. Thanks! I normally don’t wear a lot of patterns but this one felt right. It is going to hit the 90s this weekend, so perhaps it will be a repeat just for the sake of keeping cool 🙂

    1. Thanks! The shoes are a favorite that I bought quite a few years ago but unfortunately haven’t found anything similar. But if I do, I will be sure to spread the word!

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