My outfit isn’t hipster, but the dog on my tee is one. His cool charisma, black rimmed glasses, which he wears for the looks not function, and scarf says “Yes, I drink beer but only local microbrews…and can you point me to the nearest thrift store?” This cute little guy was hard to resist and given that it was made by a local DC artist, I snatched him up. Is this life imitating art?

I wore him with gray skinnies and a pair of strappy Rebecca Minkoff shoes. Thanks to my pal over at Pretty Polished, I scored my Patricia heels at a Friends and Family event and saved a little dough.



The Goods: Jon Wye Shirt / Siwy Jeans (similar here) / Rebecca Minkoff Shoes / Marc Jacobs Handbag

2 thoughts on “Hipster

  1. …”dress up like hipsters…” Haha…when I start quoting Taylor swift songs, I know it’s going to be that kind of day :P. those are some killer shoes!! Loving the cutouts…so edgy:). And the dog is adorable of course!

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