A dinner party is fun, but a murder mystery dinner party is even more fun.  This past weekend, I had an opportunity to get together with some great friends for dinner.  The host and hostess threw a slight twist in our plans with a little murder mystery and role playing.  Pasta, Pistols, and Passion was the game and Tara Misu was my name.  We had a wonderful time having an Italian dinner, speaking with very bad Italian (and sometimes unintentionally Russian) and New York accents, and figuring out the guilty party.  I really appreciated the creativity and the full-on commitment to the story through food, decor, props and yes…costumes.  If you are looking to change up your next get-together, consider a murder mystery game.  It makes for a lot of laughs!


[Leave the gun, take the cannoli…]


[Espresso to finish up the night]

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