The word ombre is as common in my vocabulary as the words cat, dog, and house.  Okay, maybe it’s not that common, it’s more like distressed, ruching, and crew neck.  So it was pretty amusing when I used that term recently with a few of my co-workers (ahem, my male co-workers) and received a lot of blank stares.  For the record, we were talking about food…as in “I really want to eat an ombre layer cake.”  Fortunately for them, they don’t need to know what it means, by showing them a picture, they immediately understood.  Why we were talking about layer cakes is a story for another day.

Other than in cakes, ombre is making a statement in fashion.  J. Crew has launched their CDFA/Vogue Fashion Fund capsule collection and one of the items is a beautiful cashmere blurred sweater by The Elder Statesman.   The Elder Statesman specializes in high quality cashmere pieces, a true luxury brand, so one should expect it to be an investment piece.  The J. Crew sweater is offered at about 50% lower than the label’s stand-alone sweaters, but still a hefty price tag at $398.  I found a similar ombre sweater at Forever 21 for a fraction of the cost, $23 to be exact.  Now this one is made of sweatshirt material instead of cashmere and has a wider raw edge neckline, but it was the gradation of color that reminded me of the higher-end version.

If you are searching for luxury and quality, go for J. Crew/The Elder Statesman.  If you are in it for just the look, opt for Forever 21.  Both are available in blue and pink.  I went low-cost and blue.  Go ahead, choose your own adventure.

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