1. Miu Miu (originally $695, on sale for $487) / 2. Kors by Michael Kors (originally $275, on sale for $165) / 3. Zara ($90) / 4.  Kirne Zabeta at Nine West ($79) / 5. Debenhams (originally $55, on sale for $41)

My quest for the beloved jeweled sandal started when I caught a glimpse (and fell in love) with a pair from Zara (#3 in the above picture).  Lo and behold, they did not have my size so I began my search for a substitute.  What I loved about the Zara pair was the delicateness of the shoe and perfectly placed jewels and embellishments.  There are a lot of options out there but most seem chunky and use stones that are too large, thus losing the illusion of luxury.  In my search, I found other styles that are equally satisfying across a broad price range.  Check them out and bling out your feet!

2 thoughts on “The Quest for Jeweled Sandals

  1. Ooooo….I really like the Zara ones too! These sandals will be perfect in Thailand right? I remember that they actually have some beautiful things you can buy on the streets of Bangkok…like bejeweled sandals…and for cheap too!!!

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