If it gets any hotter, I think I will melt. Being a native Texan, you’d think I would have learned to adapt to hot weather, but I still get a little antsy in the heat. My go-to uniform for days like this is something light and white. This jersey dress from Joie fits the bill. Body-cons (body conscious dresses) make me super self-con(scious), so I like this dress’ drop waist and looser fit on top. The ruched bottom is layered, but still lightweight, to prevent you from having a “see-through” moment in public. Shade is also important and so I have gotten into the practice of wearing a hat. I am overly paranoid about getting too much sun on the tops of my ears so I borrowed this one from my husband to keep them covered.





The Goods: Soft Joie Dress / Joie Shoes / Hat from Greece (similar here) / Ray Ban Sunglasses / BFrend and CC Skye Bracelets

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