Do you ever find yourself in a rut or lacking creative juices?  While routine is great and provides structure, I find that daily routines may be what contributes to the occasional lulls.  Whenever I find myself in this situation, I try to incorporate new activities to shake things up. If you ever feel the need to jump start your mind, try these seemingly simple, but different things, to unleash your creativity.


[Nike Running Shoe]

After running my first (and only) marathon in 2004, I woke up the next day incredibly sore and unable to walk without cringing.  I balanced out by walking backwards, using the elliptical backwards, and yes, even running backwards.  If for nothing else, run backwards for the hell of it and see how people react.  There is a man in my city that is well known for running in reverse.  He loves to run and loves the perspective he gets running backwards.  Let him be an inspiration to you to gain a new perspective on life.


[18K Gold Toothbrush Holders]

I’m sure there is evidence out there on the benefits of using your non-dominant hand, but I brush my teeth with the other hand merely for the challenge.  Try using your other hand to brush your teeth and observe how much longer it takes or how different it feels.  You’ll appreciate the dexterity and precision your dominant hand plays in your life.


[Rifle Paper Co. iPhone Case]

Whether you are climbing the corporate ladder, building your own business from scratch, or setting an ambitious goal for yourself, have you ever wondered what’s the formula for success?  Perhaps it’s not the work itself but how a person spends their weekends, like taking a tech break.  I sometimes find myself constantly checking work e-mail unable to unwind and let go.  Turning off the electronics and coming back after a period of rest may help you feel refreshed and focused on the task at hand.

There are probably plenty of other cool, simple, and quirky things to do to get your creativity flowing.  If you have one, I would love to know what they are.  If you are out of ideas, perhaps give the ones above a try, reward yourself with some loot, and report back.

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