After completing my rooftop last Fall, I had to then pack it away for the Winter (boo!). Now that it’s warm again, I plan to take full advantage of relaxing and dining out there. One minor glitch, I didn’t factor in lighting. If you are like me and not a huge fan of having lots of wires around, look into solar lighting. I made a simple and easy DIY project by combining a glass cloche (yes, I didn’t know what a cloche was either until I found one), spray paint, and an inexpensive solar light. This project cost less in time and materials (under $40 and 1 hour to paint multiple coats) than some of the solar-powered lamps I have perused and provides a just enough mood lighting for the evening.



Here is the finished product in the day and night. Like anything you put outdoors, it will require the occasional upkeep (e.g., polishing the glass, cleaning out the tray), but totally worth it considering the lighting and aesthetic it provides at such a low cost.

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