I was first introduced to these Iro wedge sandals after seeing them on fashionably chic blogger, Samantha, from Could I Have That?  My first reaction was “I must own these!”.  However, I encountered two problems…first they tote a heavy price tag at $495 and secondly, they are pretty much sold out!  There are times when you want to make an investment in a shoe and this one would have been it if I could find it.  When I am determined, I find a way and so I searched for an alternative that would give me a similar look.  If you ever find yourself in this situation, some determination and creative keyword search skills are all you need.  For me, I loved the open toe, wedge heel, and cuffed ankle.  It had to have all those elements.  So my querying skills turned up a shoe from the brand Qupid for $47 (you can find a lower price from other retailers on Amazon depending on your shoe size).  Granted, the low-cost version has an ikat pattern but it’s black and white in color and meets all three of my criteria.  I like my Qupid pair and achieve the look, but still dream of Iro…. <sigh>.

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