My love affair with leather has been clearly documented in the past (here, here, and here) so it was no surprise that when I caught a glimpse of this Betsey Johnson laser cut dress at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale ($198 regular price, $130 during sale which ends August 4th), I swooned.  The cutouts remind me of lace and it’s a nice play on mixing feminine with something masculine like black leather.  You can imagine my surprise and delight when I found a similar dress from Forever 21 for $30.  When you compare the two, both are faux leather and have nice detail at the neck and hemline.  However, the Forever 21 version is a little shorter in length and incorporates fabric in the bodice.  I went with the Forever 21 dress because I wanted a shorter length for summer and because I already have many leather-bound books.  Which would you choose?

3 thoughts on “High Low Laser Cut Dress

  1. I’d go for the Forever 21 version. I LOVE both but this is the type of dress that I’d only wear a couple of times so if there’s an opportunity to save I’m taking it!

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