[Velvet Dress / Club Monaco Hat / Necklace from Etsy / Nars Manhunt Lipstick]

For me, hats come out and play in the Summer.  I tend to favor the fedora style as it seems to fit my weirdly shaped head the best (okay, my head shape isn’t weird, but it looks weird in other styles).  The brim is the most important feature to test out before buying a hat. If it’s too low, it blocks your eyesight and you’ll just keep looking up throughout the day and develop a crick in your neck…who wants that?  For me, a wire brim is best as you can adjust it into different angles, I’m loving my new Club Monaco hat for that very reason.


[1.  Greece Is The Word / 2. Western Wall / 3. White Out]

Over the years, I have had a few favorites including a white fedora (my husband’s) and a pink one for myself.  Actually, my most beloved hat isn’t a fedora but a straw hat from Forever 21.  It still works me because of the wire brim but sadly I lost it somewhere along the way <tear>.


[1. Rag and Bone / 2. Janessa Leone / 3. H&M /  4. Topshop]

Given the styles I am seeing for the Fall, dark colors, felt, wool, and floppier brims, I guess it means I will have to change my tradition and continue to “put a hat on it” until December.

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