The Goods: 1. Mirror Love Sign / 2. Quartz Earrings / 3. Custom Address Stamp / 4. Evil Eye Bracelet / 5. WP Blog Template / 6. Gold Statement Necklace / 7. Beach Photography / 8. Tile Coasters / 9. Scalloped Shorts

I first discovered Etsy in 2009 and over time, it has grown into an addiction where I spend hours perusing all things handmade and vintage. What I love about it is the access to creative and entrepreneurial artists who can offer something at the same, if not better, quality than high end places and often at a lower price. Etsy is now one of my main sources for decor, art, gifts, and clothing, even helping me save a bit on my wedding. There are also a lot of things that are not worth buying on this site; therefore, let me be the filter and present to you all the pretty things worth a consideration.

I’ll post more of my Etsy favorites here on a regular basis so let me know if there is anything you are in search of and can’t quite find. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Eye On Etsy

  1. Loving this series…I’ve always been interested in Etsy but can hardly find the time to search thru everything…AND there’s the issue of who you can trust. I’m looking forward to the things you recommend!

    Loving #6…you know I have a weakness for great statement necklaces 😛

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