I started wearing high heels at my first job right after college. Since then, I have developed quite the skill in wearing 3+ inch heels through airports and long days at the office. When I broke my toes this summer in Thailand, my first reaction was feeling grateful that nothing worse happened. My second reaction was the realization that it would be a long road to recovery. My third reaction was sadness for the all the heels that would lay dormant for many months in my closet as I heal and regain flexibility.

I decided to take this experience as a way to explore the world of flats. I own a few pair but not enough that are work appropriate. Thus, I searched near and far for shoes that looked similar to some of my favorite heels. Flats are often the cute adorable little sister to the high heel, overshadowed by big sister’s sex appeal. Can the flat shoe ever get the spotlight for herself? I’ll soon find out.


[Zara Silver Oxfords vs. Lanvin Silver Heels]


[Nordstrom BP Leopard Flats vs. Pour La Victoire Mary Jane Heels]


[Steven Cap-Toe Neutral Flats vs. Dolce Vita Platform Pumps]


[Shoemint D’Orsay Flat (last seen here) vs. Pour La Victoire Wedges]

7 thoughts on “Sole Sisters

  1. These are so lovely flats! I love the slightly pointed toe style, especially the cap toe. I’m impressed at your ability to wear heels…I am always a baby with that stuff and take them off after about an hour. Great collection!

  2. I was totally inspired by your post today, and so I decided to wear a pair of flats to work. I chose a cute pair with a zebra print and big bows. When I arrived, everyone was like…”OMG what’s wrong?! Is something wrong?!” And I’m like…no…..why? What was their response? “You’re not wearing heels! Something must be the matter…” I just think that heels and I are meant to be :). But I’m LOVING the silver Zara oxfords!!!

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