I am delighted to report that great progress is being made in the world of toe healing! My doctor has ordered me off the crutches and one month of athletic shoes to rehab my foot. I’m talking sneakers all day every day. Since I can’t wear workout clothes every hour of the day, I challenged myself to find fun ways to incorporate my kicks into more polished outfits. I started with this jersey maxi dress by Tart. It’s super soft, elegant and when worn with a denim shirt, it dresses down (pardon the pun) the overall look and the running shoes become a great choice.



Gold bangles, lots of them, are also great accessories for this look. Just because you are wearing something super comfy on the feet doesn’t mean your arms should go without sparkle. The flower in my pocket was a fortuitous find on the sidewalk that become a nice pop of color. In conclusion ladies, pile on the accessories…pile them on!



What I loved most about this dress is the versatility in the top. It has the option to wear it as a one-strap, halter, and many other varieties. I am slightly challenged in this department so a simple criss-cross is all that I could handle. But I am sure in your adept hands, you can come up with something more creative!



The Goods: Tart Dress (and here) / Target Shirt / Nike Shoes / Tory Burch Handbag / J. Crew and Bfrend Bracelets / Etsy Necklace / Michael Kors Watch / Karen Walker Sunglasses

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