If I take a step back and observe J. Crew’s history, it has really come a long way since the store I remember from my childhood.  With Jenna Lyons as creative director, J. Crew has really transformed from basics into something that is worthy of runway fanfare.  Case in point, J. Crew’s shoe collection.  I am completely in awe year after year as simple shoe silhouettes are updated with new prints, patterns, and embellishments.  After much admiration from the sidelines, too afraid that the patterns wouldn’t be versatile enough, I took the plunge and bought my first pair of Etta pumps.  The mix of florals and studs just won me over.  I am super excited to own a pair of shiny ponies!


Now some may say that  J. Crew isn’t at the most accessible price point, but I think it is still attainable with some patience and creative thinking.  Here are my tips for getting that coveted J. Crew piece:

1. Sign-Up for E-mails

This may seem like junk mail, but J. Crew sends really great discounts and promotions via e-mail.  This is helpful for taking a percentage (25-30%) off of full priced items that are at risk of selling out before prices are marked down.

2. Wait for the Sale

If the item you lust for doesn’t fit in the above category, then wait for a sale.  I have noticed that items do get marked down in price within 1-2 months.  For the super patient, wait for the “take an additional” promotions (normally at the end of a season) to get incremental discounts off sale items.

3. Compare Prices between Store and Online

Prices online (and inventory) and in the stores are not always the same.  For example, I bought an iPhone case that was on sale with an additional 30% off only to find it at full price in stores.  My husband found a crazy deal on a suit in the store that was said to be sold-out online.  Needless to say, do your homework.

4. Check eBay

I use eBay to find and search for sold out items.  I have searched for past Etta pump designs this way and can find them for about a third less than retail.  Just be sure to know your size before putting in that bid.


To my fellow J. Crew fans out there, what is your most beloved piece?  To see my top picks, check out my Pinterest board.  Happy Shopping!

2 thoughts on “Get “Etta” My Dreams and Into My Closet

  1. I agree! I used to think Jcrew was so boring and I wouldn’t even step into the store. But now…I can’t get enough! They’ve added so much color, texture, and fabulous prints 🙂 I’m gonna have to borrow these shoes 😛 SO gorgeous…a nice treat when you’re able to wear heels again!!

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