As for many people out there, 9/11 will forever be in my memory.  I just graduated college and was just starting a new phase in my life when this happened.  I was at work in Dallas and remember the feeling of confusion as news trickled in.   I had friends who had moved to New York and DC that were also starting their new careers post-college and I couldn’t help but think of them in that moment.  Fortunately, all were safe but the tragedy and loss of others is forever with me.  On this somber day, I remember those who have lost their lives, the family and friends they left behind, and thank those who serve to protect our country.



[Photos taken at the Newseum]

4 thoughts on “Remembering 9/11

  1. All our worlds changed after this day 12 years ago. Like you, I remember exactly where I was…like it was yesterday. My father was flying that day too, and of course we couldn’t get ahold of him. Praise God he was safe…but nothing will ever really be the same will it?

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