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By the time you read this, the Phillip Lim for Target collection is most likely sold out of the good pieces online and your local Target is probably ransacked. Some may feel that they hit gold, some will mock those who went crazy over this collaboration, and others are asking “Phillip who?” I fall in the first category. When I first heard about this joint line over the summer, I immediately panicked. There was the excitement of a designer such as Philip Lim making an affordable line for the masses, but there was also the sheer fear of fighting the crowds (online or physically) on the day of the launch to snag one of the handbags or that oh-so-beautiful leather jacket.

This is not a post recollecting the purchases made. This is a post about the unexpected social experience that I partook in through early morning hours and the humor (maybe delirium) that kept me going.

“It almost feels like we really were just being used as one big social media e-commerce experiment #philliplimfortarget” –@FashionOpEd

“Poor Jeremy Lin is prob asking why his feed is blowin up and who the eff is pashli. #limsanity #philliplimfortarget” –@gracekhang_


[One of the much anticipated handbags – Sold Out]

For starters, I have never been good at getting there right when it starts. I would either forget the launch date or try to guess at the time and keep refreshing the homepage. The latter approach is so 2011. This time around, I learned a whole new different strategy thanks to sources like CNBC and Racked. Other than making a list and prioritizing so you don’t go off on tangents, I discovered that Twitter was actually the best source to know when items became available. With hash tags of #philliplimfortarget and #limsanity, people were sharing links to items before the Target homepage announced its availability. So as midnight neared on the East Coast, it began.

“Sitting in a gas station parking lot refreshing for the #philliplimfortarget tag like its completely safe and normal” —@TheNerdyKatie

phillip_lim_target_4[Women’s Tuxedo Jacket, Pants, and Sparkle Shirt]

The initial stuff that became available was benign (e.g., sweaters and shift dress). What everyone was waiting for were the handbags. People were sharing the latest links, information and so forth. But as the night dragged on, people started to antsy and quite frankly a little loopy. I started to stop paying attention to shopping and started to just read tweets. I don’t know if it was the lack of sleep or the frustration felt at Target for holding back on the handbags, but people were getting down right witty on Twitty.

“I am beginning to wonder why I am up why I am waiting up til 3 AM for a $50 bag #goodnight #philliplimfortarget” –@TalkLV2Me

“I’m so tired of waiting to spend money on #philliplimfortarget #firstworldproblems” –@catddc

“So scared that if I go to the bathroom, I will miss the purse release #philliplimfortarget” –@anaelectraheart


[Menswear, cool looks but not as much of a land grab as women’s / Image Source]

By 3:30 am, I called it a night. I was able to get what I was looking for including a few items for the hubby and yes, a handbag. Was it necessary? Was it worth triggering my credit card company’s fraud alert? I’ll find out soon enough when my shipments come in. Regardless, the social experience, laughter, and witnessing technology transform the retail experience was enough reason to stay up. With that, I leave with you the best tweet of the night.

“My husband before going to bed ‘Why r u worried about getting a ‘fake’ Phillip Lim bag? #LookBackWithHypnotizedEyes #philliplimfortarget” —@StyleDelights

22 thoughts on “Phillip Lim for Target: The Aftermath

  1. I woke up the next morning (after sleeping in) and thankfully the one skirt I wanted was still available in all sizes haha. The bag I wanted was obviously gone but a friend had purchased extra and sent me one at cost so I could avoid the eBay deliriousness of paying $180 for a $35 bag. I have never been huge on these collabs but I knew I had to have the animal print skirt! I can’t wait to see what you got.

    xx Cara

    1. The leopard print skirt is really adorable, I hope to see you style it soon! That is a super nice friend to not charge you extra πŸ™‚ I cannot believe the eBay madness it seems like extortion to pay $180 for a $35 bag, I’d maybe pay $75…for the large one πŸ™‚ xo

      1. Yeah it’s the mini which I wouldn’t pay more than $45 for. But, people were actually buying them which is crazy to me. If you are paying that much for a fake leather handbag save up a bit longer for the real thing in my opinion:)

  2. I love this!! Totally takes me back to Saturday night, it truly did feel like a an awesome community. If it would have been boring or snarky I don’t think I could have made it. Can’t wait until the next launch, and thanks for featuring me πŸ™‚

  3. LOL great post!! BTW, thanks for including my tweet in ur round up!! For me, honestly, the experience on twitter was better than the shopping! I am excited to get the yellow mini, but would not pay more than retail price on ebay! People are buying them for more than $100! (I have 4 bags from collection ordered and think if I sold all of them online, I may get the real PAshli mini with the windfall!! ha ha ha!!!)
    Glad you got what you were looking for!!

  4. Hahaha I love this post! Enjoyed reading your online experience and all those funny tweets :). I was really excited for this collab…but I didn’t end up getting anything :/. Partially because I wanted to sleep and didn’t want to fight people at the store. But also because I know that everyone will be wearing the stuff…which makes it kinda lose its appeal no? Maybe that’s just me…

    1. Thank you, it was a fortuitous accident that I stumbled onto those tweets. I am normally not a frequent “tweeter” but it was a lot of fun to interact with people. I understand your pov re: Target collab. Picking the right pieces and not wearing it exactly how it’s styled can help mitigate that feeling. But to be honest, half of the stuff I got was for my husband (which there wasn’t as much hysteria) and one (yes only one) handbag πŸ™‚

    1. Most definitely, I have my fingers crossed! I would love to know what you acquired? Maybe the trench coat? I thought that was well-made and felt “weighty” and substantial.

  5. Loved this! Thanks for the laugh so early this morning. I live in Canada and Target just recently opened up over here. So, I too got up early to wait in line at the store…unfortunately the selection wasn’t very good and a lot of the pieces I wanted were not there. Target Canada pales in comparison to the U.S. stores. Handbags were sold out instantly, of course. In hindsight I wish I had just stayed home and shopped online πŸ™‚

    xo, Jackie

    1. Thanks so much for reading. I am glad it provided you some laughter. You should check back now that the hype has died down, some stores have restocked so perhaps it’s not always the early bird that catches the worm πŸ™‚

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