I am an organizing maniac, so much that I know when to look at out for The Container Store’s Elfa sales. So when I saw Vitra’s Uten.Silo wall organizer, I about died. It was my answer to clutter that usually lands in a junk drawer and ends my perpetual search for my “lost” car keys. This wall organizer has such a clean and sleek design but is also on the expensive side at $395 for the small version and $475 for the larger one. When I designed the back half of my house, I searched high and low for an alternative but couldn’t quite find the right look and decided to take the plunge. Fortunately for you, there are now options that rival Vitra’s design. The “I Could’ve Bin a Wall Organizer” from the Land of Nod comes is a great alternative. It’s a little smaller but at $49, one can always buy in multiples to create a larger effect. It comes in different colors, white is not one of them; however, there is always spray paint!


I love my Vitra, it has served me well (see how I styled this here). But if given a do-over, I would save some cash (or reward points in my situation) and gone with the cutesy Land of Nod option. Which would you choose? Is anyone else out there mad for organizational decor?

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