There is something about September evenings that I absolutely love. It’s the perfect temperature outside and daylight starts to shorten. Suddenly you ask yourself where summer went and begin to wish you would have been more grateful for the longer days while you had them. On this particular September day, I had a long day at work. Hubby and I were too tired to cook so we decided to try a new restaurant instead. I have mentioned my love for DVF in a prior post and that devotion hasn’t wavered. This classic DVF wrap dress with a “just perfect” sleeve length and collar took me from early morning meetings to an impromptu dinner at dusk.



The Goods: DVF Dress (similar here and here) / Schutz Shoes / Marc Jacobs Handbag / Karen Walker Sunglasses / Etsy Necklace

8 thoughts on “Dusk

  1. Man, I love your style. Classic wrap dresses are so perfect, for so many reasons…and the layered necklace effect is pretty damn sweet, too. Also – autumn evenings already? I’m kind of dreading the impending winter….

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