The Goods: 1. Skull Earrings / 2. Wood Alphabet / 3. Art Deco Salt and Pepper Shakers / 4. Linen and Leather Clutch / 5. Midi Ring / 6. French Art Print / 7. Collection of Coins Art Print / 8. Botanical Sachets / 9. Shift Dress

What has me excited on Etsy this month are art prints and accessories in fashion and for the home.  In the world of jewelry, I love my skull earrings by Michelle Chang which I first found on Etsy.  They remind me of a pair of earrings by Me&Ro but at much friendlier price point.  As for art prints, I started to look for an antique coin print after seeing one in Greece on my honeymoon.   I found this collection of modern coins to have the same feel with its shading and grayscale coloring. The wood alphabet is something I discovered when looking at tote bags (of all things).  It makes a wonderful gift for someone who is expecting…it looks great in my nephew’s nursery!  All in all, a great set of loot!

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